About your website…we can fix that for you.

/ By Phil Cardenas

We’re not going to talk about building your first website. If you’re in business at all you’re likely on your third site version or more. Websites aren’t one and done. Websites, like the technology, evolve over time.

We’re going to give voice to the other concern about websites. Fixing problems.

When your website was first built, it probably worked alright. (At least it should have if built by the right professionals.) But over time modules become outdated and need replacement. New versions of the platform your site is built on are issued. These new versions are more hackproof (which you want if you’re selling online) to protect your customers data.

Site owners who (and this is a good thing) frequently update the text and images on their website make errors. It’s not always typos. But if it is a typo, it makes you and your product or service look less credible.

Sometimes an image added later shows up as code vs. an image. Or images that are too hi rez bog down the loading time for your website. Studies show that 47% of site visitors leave a website if it takes longer than 2 seconds to load. That’s nearly half of your potential customers, gone girl.

So put that in your biz bucket for 2023.

Unleaded has solutions for these and other problems on your website. It’s why our tagline on our email signature this year is: About your website…we can fix that for you.

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