Business Backstory

/ By Jarod Clark

One thing the internet has done is allow people to operate a sideline business without compromising their day job. The website, when built properly, works for them 24/7 (without the cost of manpower.) Unleaded has customers who have multiple websites, selling a wide range of merchandise and services too.

Our employee group operates websites of varying types—some ecommerce, others service oriented. Take a look at a few:

https://everythingbear.com features artisans’ jewelry, logoed apparel and plush animals and more. The online shop is built to attract vendors to sell through the website by featuring the vendors’ logos on the homepage. Prices are very reasonable and the products are not found elsewhere on line.

https://rainbowmotelgreeley.com/ is an iconic destination stay operating in Greeley, CO featuring 16 rooms all remodeled with plush hybrid beds and 1,000-thread count bed linens, something one would not expect to find in an average motel. Guests regularly post 5-star reviews of the place.

https://themaxhotel.com/ is a project in process, converting an 82-year-old art deco hotel that suffered 50 years of neglect into apartments, a restaurant, bar and even men’s barber shop. The website was designed to build interest in the community as it approaches Opening Day.

The point is that you, too, surely have some unique consultative service or Etsy-type product to sell. Maybe you’ve observed an unserved or underserved need that you could fill.

Then call UNLEADED.DIGITAL for a consultation.

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