Cool Dirtbag Calls Change on Info Sharing

/ By Jarod Clark

What happens in California is usually an indicator of what will come to the rest of the USA and ultimately the world. SLATE, the online self-professed Cool Dirtbag, explained the changes in the sweeping new data privacy policy law known as the California Consumer Privacy Act like this:

 The law effectively allows consumers to access personal data companies have collected on them and to demand it be deleted plus prevent it from being sold to third parties. 

Because it’s nearly insurmountable to build a separate infrastructure just for California customers the requirements will transform the internet for everyone, Slate predicts.

If you’re a small business, this might not affect you…yet. The CCPA applies only to business earning more than $25M gross revenue that collect data on more than 50,000 individuals or sell that info for more than 50% of its overall revenue.

Facebook argues it doesn’t technically sell personal info. 

Google created a protocol to block websites from transmitting data using an opt-out add-on process.

Microsoft extended its protections under the CCPA and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation to all of its customers in the US.

The CCPA was signed into law June 28, 2018 by Governor Jerry Brown. The state’s attorney general cannot bring an enforcement action under the CCPA until July 1, 2020. For information go to

Or read what a dirtbag has to say at

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