Don’t risk your web reputation

/ By Ian Kullhem

When choosing the right hosting platform for your website business, don’t simply opt for the cheapest hosting. Your web business survival is at risk if your host is unreliable.

When visitors can’t download your site fast enough, they will bounce to your competitors’ sites.

Research proves that 40+ % of web visitors will leave a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

If your website is offline more than online, you will lose customers. Simply put, if your hosting is unreliable, site visitors will perceive that your business is also unreliable. And the more your site is offline, the more Google will penalize your site.

Because hacking is the new cyberspace pastime, all websites are vulnerable. But some hosting services are more reliable than others. Opt for a hosting service that makes regular backups. And be your own advocate by making your own content backups too.

Make sure you can get to your web host when you need help. Ask if they offer support via chat, email, phone and online.

Your online business will appear more professional if you have an email associated with your site. Spam control is essential today for email service.

Seek out a host that offers room to grow your business when you need bandwidth to grow.

Finally, make sure your host has a good reputation. You wouldn’t hire employees without a background check, so why put your entire financial business future in the hands of a host that doesn’t check out.

Contact UNLEADED.DIGITAL for hosting options that are suited to your website platform and performance.

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