Magento Ends Support for 2.2

/ By Jarod Clark

The traditional nativity calendar shows that there are 20 days between today and Christmas Day. The Magento calendar shows that there are 26 days until the platform ceases support for Magento Commerce 2.2.

If you’re a retailer who has waited until the holiday season to consider upgrading your Magento platform to 2.3, it’s going to take a near miracle to get your website update in time to avoid trouble.

In fact, PCI compliance for merchants using Magento Commerce 2.2.0 through 2.2.9 may be at risk as of November 30th due to the end of support for PHP 7.1.
The upgrade to 2.2 came available in October 2019, a mere two months ago. But even retailers who upgraded then will need to consider upgrading again now to Magento Commerce 2.3.

If you have questions about your Magento functionality, ask. Call Unleaded.Digital today to speak to a pro about the possible upgrades as well as other more attractive options.
We’re glad to take the time to answer your questions. Let us help you get through to the New Year seamlessly vs. experiencing website failure.

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