What is ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine is a Content Management System developed by EllisLab and as of November 2018 is now available Free & Open Source. It focuses on extreme flexibility and scalability, while also being easy to manage.


From truly custom designs to great ease of use, here's why we love ExpressionEngine


ExpressionEngine allows site owners to mitigate risks with a proven security history. Never worry about your site being hacked.

  • Only 4 vulnerabilities in entire history, each closed within 48 hours
  • One-click updates make it easy to stay current


Get the site you need for your content, without dealing with limitations of the platform.

  • Complex custom designs possible
  • Multiple channels allow for grouping content entries
  • Custom fields let you easily populate any kind of content without just dumping everything in a single WYSIWYG


ExpressionEngine is designed to fit your needs, whether you're running a small personal blog, or a large Enterprise-scale site

  • Multi-site on single installation
  • Built-in and third party caching solutions

Mature Addon Ecosystem

While ExpressionEngine provides extensive functionality out of the box, third party addons are available to further extend your capabilities. Don't see something you need? It can be custom built.

  • Customized SEO data
  • Multi-language
  • Mapping and location searching
  • Custom field types
  • And much more!

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