A disrupter in the Eyewear market, Eyebobs is bringing the highest quality designs direct to consumers

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Built With

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

  • Fully custom design
  • Custom Product Builder
  • Direct to Consumer Sales
  • Online Wholesale Store


  • Retail Store Locator
  • Advanced flex page designs built with custom blocks
Algolia Instant Search

Project Highlights

Eyebobs is a disrupter in the Eyewear market and is bringing the highest quality designs direct to consumers.  With an established network of retail locations, the eCommerce experience is an extension of the in-store experience.  In making the complicated process of buying the frame and lens easy to do, Eyebobs makes shopping for eyewear a blast.

With a custom product builder, the store easily guides customers through the process of picking their lens type, tint, and other details through a step-by-step process.

I can’t say enough about the team at Unleaded and their deep knowledge technically, but more importantly their drive to achieve, learn and deliver a final product that was best in class. We first came to the team with a Magento instance that was broken, battered, and not serving our customer’s needs. We struggled to take control of our business as we were bogged down in unnecessary complexities that were Magento.

The team at Unleaded both supported the move off of the Magento platform and then seamlessly managed our transition to Shopify where we were able to realize an immediate gain in traffic, conversion, and sales without any hiccups in our business. They protected our revenue at a critical moment in our business and ensured that we were truly ready to launch so that when we did, we captured the sales without missing a beat!

But I think the best part was that we were able to prove to our employees here that we can take our business back! Unleaded empowered us with a platform that was UX focused, gave the team the ability to drive merchandising solutions and branded moments that didn’t require dev work so we could quickly adapt to our customer needs!

Thank you to the team for all effort, we feel like we are back in the driver’s seat!

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