What is Shopify?

Shopify is a SaaS eCommerce platform capable of scaling from micro to macro businesses. It focuses on ease of use for both merchants and developers and allows for creating great shopping experiences for your customers.


Shopify provides numerous benefits to merchants. These are some of our favorites.


Being a SaaS platform, Shopify takes care of all of your security needs. Leaving you free to focus on your business.

  • Always up to date
  • Whole-site SSL Included


By managing their own infrastructure, Shopify is able to tune everything for the best possible performance for your customers.

  • No indexing of product data required
  • Quick load times


With a robust templating engine, combined with the availability of pre-built themes, we can get you set up with a site as quick, or as custom, as you need.

  • Fully custom complex designs possible
  • Pre-built templates for quick setup

Ease of Use

Focus on what really matters: managing your products and selling to customers. No complex workflow or processes to manage to keep your site up to date or manage orders.

  • Never worry about cron jobs failing
  • Easy interface to create orders in admin
  • Manage orders quickly and easily

Trouts Fly Fishing has been a client of Unleaded for our website and eCommerce needs since 2005. When we delved into the world of eCommerce in 2009, we adopted a Magento platform based off of the guidance of our team at Unleaded. We continued to use this platform on other iterations of our website, and were always content with the end product.

Due to Magento 1.0 expiration, we were forced into working through a new website build to move into Magento 2.0. Thankfully our team at Unleaded was forward thinking, and realized the many flaws that other merchants were experiencing with Magento 2.0, and encouraged us to look into a Shopify solution as an alternative.

The end result has been nothing but extraordinary, as we have seen both day-to-day efficiencies and overall conversions improve noticeably. Shopify has proved to be a tremendous step forward for our company, and from day 1 proved to be a profit driven solution. Without the team at Unleaded, we would be another unfortunate client stuck in the limitations of Magento.

It is also worth noting the amazing job Unleaded did with weaving our Shopify eCommerce solution with a powerful CMS that met our content needs. Being a Fly Fishing Outfitter, we do more than just sell product, and our website demanded a CMS platform that would allow us to effectively communicate with our users, and get them to the product and information they are seeking. The end product was was a website built on two platforms, but was so seamlessly built that the end user would never know. In the end, without the team at Unleaded we would be another unfortunate client stuck in the limitations of Magento.

Tucker Ladd - Trouts Fly Fishing

Go Further

Want more than just a storefront? Combine with other tools to expand your site's capabilities.

We specialize in combining either ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS with Shopify sites to provide you with a robust flexible Content Management System alongside your best-in-class eCommerce experience. Expand your storefront with supplemental content such as resources, videos, advanced blogs, and more with these Hybrid solutions.

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